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Dessins 2000-2012
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This bilingual book (German, French) is composed of
eleven poems, twelve drawings and thirteen woodcuts.
French translation by Françoise Despalles.
In these poems the artist and poet J.S. plays with
strange links between memory, observation and deep
desire. He likes to hide the reality behind a rich and
unusual metaphorical language, which is full of ambiguity
and irony. The intervals are set like breathing.
In his airy drawings the clear and vibrant lines of a
bamboo pen are contrasting with the enigmatic content
of the poems. They are printed with grey ink and overlaid
with color woodcuts printed by hand.
For the endpapers Françoise Despalles has especially
made a newspaper collage also overlaid with woodcut.
›› Fiche technique du livre
Bilingual edition (German and French).
Digital printed poems and drawings, woodcut printed
by hand on 160g “Arches” and 35g “Kawashi”.
Printed hardcover with deep blue mold-made paper.50 pages
32,5 x 24 cm (12,8 x 9,5 inches),
Chinese perfect binding in a slipcase.
Edition of 50 copies and 5 deluxe copies completed with an original drawing.

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